A New Year

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Wow, 2020! Not only is it a new year but a new decade. I generally don’t do new year’s resolutions but I do have goals that I’m working towards. Primarily my health, getting that sorted out and treated. I also realized that in this new decade, both of my boys will turn 18 yrs old! My oldest, Daniel, will turn 18 in a week and my youngest, Tristan, closer to the end of the decade. Time goes way too fast for my liking!

So, I decided I’d share some of my 2020 goals:

  • Drink more water on a consistent basis.
  • Plan ahead and use my Erin Condren planner to give myself some structure and habit track.
  • Get back into my spiritual practice.
  • Start taking photos again. I even got a brand new Flickr Pro account to motivate me! I want to participate on Clickin Moms more often as well.
  • Be more consistent with taking my vitamins.

I’m interested to know what your goals (or resolutions) are for this new year!

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4 thoughts on “A New Year

I can’t believe Daniel’s turning 18 ahhhhhhh! Strange how differently time seems to pass for children I am not in charge of lol if that makes sense.

I have some health related goals this year as well, mostly getting my diet in order and losing weight so my body can stop feeling like I’m 20 years older than I am.

I know! I swear, having children has made me ridiculously aware of time passing.

Oh, I feel you! I’ve lost approx 30lbs since October and I’m wondering at what point I’ll feel more like my actual age of late-30’s rather than late 60’s!

I meant to read this the other day and got distracted! Ugh. I love it, and you.

My 2020 Plans:
* develop a healthy relationship with food. It’s been a big stumbling block lately. I’m actually doing pretty good with this so far.
* actively work on my mental health. Physical health issues, stress, activism burnout, it’s all a Thing, and I’ve been ignoring it for far too long.

That’s about it. I need fixing, and I’m the only one that can do it.

I feel you about the food issues. It’s totally a day by day thing isn’t it! If you ever want to talk about it, I’m always around.

You need a month long, camping in the mountains, vacation! Do you do any meditation? The Calm App is amazing! You do so much for everyone around you that you end up forgetting to take care of yourself too.

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