Happy 20th Birthday To My Son

I can’t believe it! TWO DECADES! I was 20 years old (just barely) when I had him and I blinked once and here we are.

He is such an amazing person, a true Capricorn, 6’2″ of helping, cooking, cat herding… I truly don’t know how I got to be so lucky! We have such a strong bond due to raising him primarily myself as his bio-father chose to not be involved in his life. He’s a great big brother and is so empathetic. Totally an Earth sign. Very grounded. He’s just deep down, a steady, solid, good person.

He’s pretty low-key so all he asked for was a nice dinner (going to do sushi + an Oreo cake of some sort) and maybe an Xbox gift card.

Looking at these photos… it feels like yesterday when he was my little chublet going on adventures with me!

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