Life Update #1

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I have to say, I’m surprised at how January turned out. I had one expectation of how the start of 2020 would go, and I was totally wrong! It’s been one situation after another. I’ve quickly become familiar dealing with our health insurance company and office billing personnel. I believe there’s at least 3 more appointments in March alone!

I wrote about my 2020 goals and I feel I’ve achieved the goal of taking my vitamins and using my planner consistently. I’m doing better on drinking more water, too. However, I’ve made little to no progress on taking photos again or on my spiritual practice. I just get so overwhelmed, almost like I’m a newbie to everything! I know it’s a mental thing but it’s super frustrating.

On a more positive note, after a year and a half I finally got my hair cut and colored. I cut off 14 inches! For the color, I went with purple, a variety of light and darker blues, and a little bit of pink. I don’t do too much pink as it fades the fastest.

So back to my planner, I’ve really been enjoying my Erin Condren Life Planner! Even though I’m not a particularly busy person, it helps me track all of our appointments, meal plans, daily vitamins, and I sometimes go back to fill in tidbits about each day as a sort of “memory planner” situation. I even track my migraine days each month in the notes section. I love to decorate each week with stickers. So many stickers!

Lastly, I have been without a laptop for over a year (long story), and I am finally able to purchase a new one. Now, I’ve always used Windows OS on all of my machines, laptop and what I build for gaming. I’ve dabbled with Linux here and there. But this time… I think I want to purchase a MacBook Pro! I have limited experience with the macOS, mainly back in my Geek Squad repair days, and I think it would be a fun learning challenge for me. Since I love teaching my kids computer software, operating systems, and hardware, I see this as a learning experience for them as well.

Plus I love how it’s such an integrated ecosystem. I have an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Apple TV, and it all is interconnected. I love that idea! The new MacBook Pro 16″ is really appealing to me.

Do you use Windows or macOS? What do you think about it? Also, let me know in the comments how your January went and how your February has been so far!

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4 thoughts on “Life Update #1

Your blog is beautiful! You have such an eye for delightful design. Love your new hair!! 💜💜💜 Gorgeous. I’m sorry you’ve become the new medical billing specialist in your household. I can relate as I’ve been working to get my mom a wheelchair for the past 7 MONTHS. It has been a roller coaster of epic garbage 🗑 I hope everything gets straightened out for you soon. I hope you’re able to revisit photography and your spiritual practice again. You are an amazing photog. I still have one of your pictures as my desktop wallpaper that I use at work every fall! It’s from YEARS AGO! It’s a fence and you captured colorful fall leaves stick between the fence and it’s just stunning. I hope you stick your toe back into photography. I had a MacBook and it’s still working after 11 years! Never had a virus or anything wonky. I got my husband a MacBook Air last Christmas and it just works effortlessly and seamlessly. Totes recommend! ♥️ Much love to you!

Thank you!! That means a lot to me!

Cutting off 14″ was crazy. I can wear a ponytail again!

Oh, it’s never ending with my health! This would be the first year when I’ve tried to maximize the health insurance, making sure codes are correct instead of assuming the billing is correct. For example, I had to spend two weeks fixing a well visit billing for my youngest because they marked it as a “sick visit” instead of a “well visit” which is a $50 difference! In hindsight, it should have been a “shots only” visit but still.

OH, THANK YOU! One of my lenses, the Sigma 35mm f/1.4, needs calibrating, my tripod broke a couple of years ago, so I’m trying to figure out how to create a makeshift one in the meantime. Photography has changed so much, due to having good cameras (phones) on us at all times, you start to lose the skill of shooting manual with a heavy DLSR.

I went ahead and ordered the MacBook Pro 16″, upgraded RAM to 32GB, SSD to 2TB. It won’t get here for another month due to the upgrades, but I am excited!

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